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    If your a total tool, wear a mask. If you are a Gov sheeple, wear a mask, if you cannot think for yourself, wear a mask, if you are stupid enough to think a mask does anything, believe your immune system stopped working in March or are gullible, by all means wear one!

    Ben Volin@BenVolin

    If you want to watch football this fall: Wear a mask.

    If you want your kids to go to school this fall: Wear a mask.

    If you want the economy to return: Wear a mask.

    If you want to avoid preventable deaths: Wear a mask.

    Please. For everybody's sake.

    Harriet Tubman was not the face of the underground railroad. The railroad started 70 years before her birth & started by white Quakers & freed slaves.They designed it & coordinated it with help from the congregations of white people. Put lives on the line. History Matters.

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    'be faithful. be fearless.'