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I am on a journey to feel better and take some years off my age. In the video below,
I am with Dr. Jeanette Watts who is the “Master Botox Doctor”- or at least that’s what
I call her! She is amazing. She knows how to give you just the right amount and the results are so natural and so amazing. Droopy eyelids? That was my problem, and one minute later- she had fixed this problem for me. It takes a few days for it to start to show up. I have been THRILLED with this! I was so nervous to do it, because I didn’t know who to trust- but Dr. Watt’s reputation put me at ease and her 10 years of experience did it for me. I am so happy!

I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me. We are going to be doing some things to make me feel/look younger! Botox was really much easier than I had ever anticipated! So cool!

Christine Ramsey, Watt’s Wellness Esthetician is also REALLY amazing. Watt’s Wellness is a fantastic one-stop shop. I did an enzyme treatment on my skin to smooth away some of the aging, and get my skin into shape. It was awesome. I’ve known Christine for over 35 years and she has a gift as well – knowing what your skin needs and what you can do to look younger. I am REALLY looking forward to the IPL Photo Laser treatment that gets rid of all of those fine lines- you know the ones- laugh lines that seem to go for a mile and squinty eye lines that we all hate and of course the age spots. Admit it- you wat to get rid of them too! 😉

She also did my eyelashes- Oh man- I really recommend this. No more mascara and you will feel and look prettier every where you go. LOVE IT!

They do teeth whitening, fine lines, age spots. You name it. Love it! Get the special RIGHT NOW- 20$ VIT B Quick Shot with a FAT BLOCKER- a new fat blocker that works! You’ll love the energy! They do weight loss, too!

Call Watt’s Wellness- you can go online to make an appointment here!


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