Uncle Milty

Uncle Milty joins the show on Thursdays! That deep of voice of reason is a fan favorite! Kate and Uncle Milty laugh at the topics of the day and bring some common sense to the liberal lunacy. Uncle Milty has always had a deep love for politics and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Email: unclemilty@katedalleyradio.com

KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall – The Constitutional Expert and Attorney joins the show each Wednesday in the first hour! KrisAnne tours all over the country educating thousands of people on the Constitution! Check out her website and radio show and book her to speak in your city! Her no-holds-barred approach is becoming extremely popular around the country! Her understanding of the Constitution is incredible.

Website: http://KrisAnneHall.com

Melissa Smith – WCGO Chicago

Melissa Smith from WCGO “Voices of Dissent” Show joins Kate every Wednesday. A former History Professor, an avid reader and a former employee of the V.A.- Melissa sheds a light on the popular topics of the day!

Email: ​​melissa@katedalleyradio.com

Randall Hinton – Pyrolitical Radio

Randall Hinton Joins Kate on the last Tuesday of each Month and is the other half of the Pyrolitical Guys.  Delivering a fresh and honest look at politics- Pyrolitical Radio just says what needs to be said. You can find these guys on youtube at Pyrolitical Radio!

Web: www.pyrolitical.com

Thomas Dyches – Pyrolitical Radio

Thomas Dyches is the other half of the team of Pyrolitical Radio!  Joining the show often, Thomas has worked on Senate Campaigns and has spoken at many political events. Pyrolitical day on the Kate Dalley Show is always an exciting couple of hours!  Bold and honest!

Web: www.pyrolitical.com