Lew Rockwell

“Kate Dalley has been a star since the first time she went on the air. Now she is poised to become a national star, and how we need her authentic and eloquent voice for freedom. Go, Kate!”

Gail, Chicago

“You are a gift, Kate Dalley! I was just turning the dial when I found your show. I am telling all my kids about you!”

Rebecca, St. George Utah

“I have planned my day around listening to your show at work! I feel like I can’t miss a second of it. Thank you, Kate!”

Alex, Utah

“Every time I listen, I learn something new. You don’t just say things are the democrats fault. You go after both sides when they are not following the Constitution. This show needs to be everywhere. I have my entire family listening to it now.”

Gene, Denver Colorado

“Please never stop doing this show.”

Nick, Canada

“You freaking rock, Kate. This show is awesome.”